Seven reasons that Will Make You Fall in Love with the London Lifestyle

From the beautiful scenery to the captivating accent, who doesn’t love London? There are many things that will make London have a special place in your heart. Indeed, London is a remarkable place as it brings together innovations, traditions, individuality, and culture.

It is not surprising that so many people thrive in London. Here are seven reasons that will make you fall in love with the London Lifestyle.

  1. London celebrates creativity

Over the years, London has been an attraction for the creative spirit. London attracts the best in music, arts and even rising talents. There are amazing works of arts and fiction written about London like Harry Potter, Sherlock Holmes etc. From Jimi Hendrix to William Shakespeare – London has seen the best of the art world.

  1. Legendary Nightlife

Each and every night life in London is always unique. You can enjoy the huge movie theater located in Leicester Square where you are subjected to classic Hollywood’s series. At East London, you can enjoy what the restaurants and bars have to offer. Even at Soho, you will be subjected to London’s newest band

  1. Classic Food

Another way London will steal your heart is British cuisine. Give yourself a treat at the flamboyant restaurants and street foods as well as experimental cuisines that London has to offer. There are traditional cafes that offer British cuisines and local English breakfast.

  1. The Amazing Museums

London prides itself in housing some of the best museums in the world. The National Gallery, the Tate Modern Museum, the Science Museum, and the National History Museum are some of the best. The best part is most of these museums give free entry – which makes you love them the more!

  1. The beauty of London

One thing I always admire about London is the beautiful landscape and scenery. I love to take a walk and bask in the grandeur of the Southbank promenade. Oh, what a terrific view Big Ben has to offer. What about the Golden Hour Light which adds life to everything around. Even the huge pristine park will take your breath away!

  1. The British Accent

Oh, this is my favorite. I so love the British accent. Besides the British Accent, I love Britons as well. They are nice people with a terrific sense of humor. One of my main aims, when I visited London, was to try and learn the British Accent. In fact, the British Accent is one of the Sexiest accents on the world

  1. The New and Old Architecture

As far back as 43AD, one can see traces of London’s history littered and reflecting on the streets and buildings. If you can get the perfect spot, you will be surprised at the amazing view you would get.

The streets of London are an embodiment of old and new design carved with precision which reflects nothing but beauty, art, and creativity. Hence, a trek through London is a like a walking through History.


London definitely is one of the best places to love on earth. I will not be surprised if the amazing lifestyle that British capital has to offer steals your heart.