What is Door In The Floor?

The Finest Art Exhibitions in the most in the most prestigious areas of London  

Having worked for art exhibitions in London Mayfair for more than 25 years, I have built up my ability curate to between works that artists are doing. Fine art always has a message for it’s wealthy buyers, and it’s more about a wider context in relation to philosophy, historical or social, or political reasoning.  Usually artist have something in mind and wants to portray it by it’s fine art work.  Whether it’s contemporary art or something modern, I have been curating the conditions to attract aristocratic members of the elite for many years now.  

Just like how poetry has a deep meaning for its readers, art has a message to its viewers.  But not everyone has the gift of understanding the value of a piece of art.  However, curating fine arts for a long time has taught me something most people would not know about. There is a small group of elite individuals there that are the genius crowd; not because they have a master’s or a PHD, but it’s due to their ability to read the artist’s mind from the assorted styles of paintings and drawings.  

They say some of the fine art works in the luxury London art galleries are priceless.  Just like how some rare diamonds are priceless, you will find that some rare pieces of fine art are priceless.  When some expectational pieces are art is so unique, it’s difficult to establish the actual value that a high society individual will be willing to pay.  

Some of the masterpieces in the luxury exhibitions in London are unaltered, works of talented artists around the world.  I need not say any great names of artist in the last 100 years, as the readers of this blog are intelligent enough to know about the best art works of all time.  

Without Art, the aristocracy fades away… that’s why they need people like me to curate for galleries around London. The last time priceless fine art nearly faded away in London was during the second world war.  It was a time when items that was sacred to the country had to be conserved.  Along with the gold reserves of Britain, were some of the finest art master pieces to be shipped to the united states.  It was way to protect the country’s earth until the was over.  This is the reason why the UK, still retains some of the vintage and time-honoured master pieces of artwork.